How many Jersey Mikes are in the US?

How many Jersey Mikes are in the US?

There are 2,192 Jersey Mike’s locations in the United States as of . The state with the most number of Jersey Mike’s locations in the US is California, with 322 locations, which is 14% of all Jersey Mike’s locations in America.2022-04-26

Is Jersey Mike’s only in America?

Outside of the United States, there were three locations in Queensland, Australia, and two currently open in Ontario, Canada. A Sub Above, LLC. Manasquan, New Jersey, U.S.

How many Jersey Mike’s are in New Jersey?

111 Jersey MIke’s locations

What brand does Jersey Mike’s use?

A store locator and franchise information can be found at Founded in 1978, the Certified Angus Beef ® brand is the only beef brand owned by the American Angus Association® and its nearly 30,000 rancher members.2013-09-24

What is Jersey Mike’s worth?

Jersey Mike’s Subs’ market cap is $2.19 billion, but bigger competitors like Subway and Firehouse Subs are way ahead of it.2021-10-13

What brand Turkey does Jersey Mike’s use?

MANASQUAN, N.J. Jersey Mike’s announced plans to serve turkey meat sourced from birds raised without antibiotics at more than 1,200 Jersey Mike’s locations across the United States.2017-04-26

What brand of turkey does Jersey Mike’s use?

ABF turkey meat

Where does Jersey Mike’s get their bread from?

The secret to all of Jersey Mike’s great tasting breads is…the Jersey water! The company’s bread dough comes from a long-time supplier in New Jersey and is shipped out fresh to locations around the country to ensure that customers enjoy that familiar Jersey Mike’s taste and texture fresh everyday.2013-10-16

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Where is Peter Cancro from?

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Who is the owner of Mike’s?

Peter Cancro

What brand of meat does Jersey Mikes use?

Certified Angus Beef ® brand

What corporation owns Jersey Mike’s?

Today, Cancro is the owner and CEO of the company. Cancro began franchising the restaurant in 1987. By 2014, it had 750 locations, with an additional 650 in some stage of development. In 2015, 197 new locations opened and the total number of Jersey Mike’s locations exceeded 1,000.

What brand of ham does Jersey Mikes use?

Farm Promise brand

Does Jersey Mike’s make their own bread?

Authentic Jersey bread is the foundation of a sub above. We bake our bread fresh in our stores every day. Traditional white and whole wheat. It’s the only way to have a truly authentic Jersey Mike’s sub.

Is Peter Cancro from New Jersey?

Cancro is from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. He started working at a sandwich place called Mike’s Submarines when he was 14 years old. During his senior year of high school Peter found out that the shops owners, two brothers, were looking to sell. They wanted $125,000.

Do Jersey Mike’s toast their bread?

Jersey Mike’s Subs makes fresh sliced, authentic Northeast Style Sub Sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Bread isn’t going anywhere but in fact it is evolving into toast with the use of a toaster.

Does Jersey Mike’s make their own rolls?

Now, Jersey Mikes bakes their own rolls every day, but you can find great Italian hoagie rolls at many supermarkets and grocery stores. One of the things that we really like about Amoroso’s sub rolls is that they are hearth baked.2020-07-17

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Is Jersey Mike’s only in Jersey?

Jersey Mike’s menu consists of hot and cold subs, desserts and catering trays. The company was founded back in 1956 in Point Pleasant and is currently headquartered in Manasquan. There are 111 Jersey MIke’s locations in New Jersey and more than 2,000 locations nationwide.2021-10-07

What is Jersey Mike’s most popular sub?

Turkey and Provolone

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