What is REV2?

What is REV2?

The Prophet Rev2 is Dave Smith’s reimagining of his Prophet ’08 poly synth — a modern classic that has appeared on countless recordings and stages since its debut in 2007.

Does the Prophet-5 have a sequencer?

The Poly-Sequencer was a self-contained sequencer for the Prophet 5. It was capable of storing up to 6 separate sequences and a total of 10,000 notes. It featured both real-time and step recording, sequence overdubbing and transposition, and an external clock input for synchronizing with other instruments.

Is the Prophet-5 polyphonic?

The Prophet-5 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by the American company Sequential. It was designed by Dave Smith and John Bowen in 1977, who used microprocessors, then a new technology, to create the first polyphonic synthesizer with fully programmable memory.

Who used the prophet 5 synth?

Zawinul first used the Prophet-5 on Weather Report’s 1978 album Mr. Gone and the synth quickly became one of his main instruments. That same year in a DownBeat interview he said, “This Prophet keyboard is an incredible machine; it has what I’ve always needed to make the music come alive.2021-02-01

Where is Prophet Rev2 made?

San Francisco

How many keys does Prophet 08 have?


Does Prophet-5 have arpeggiator?

Big hot sounds. Crystal clear and light sounds too. The keyboard is super pleasant, the use of a great simplicity. I sometimes add a Boss BF-3 flanger, an Empress Echo System and an Empress reverb since the Prophet 5 is a raw synth, without any effects section, nor arpeggiator, nor sequencer.

Is Prophet REV2 good?

The REV2 sounds amazing, is extremely versatile and is just fun to play with. Some of the music that I’m most proud to have made would not have been possible without this instrument. Its workflow, quality and versatility are absolutely killer and I’d recommend that anyone looking for an analog polysynth consider it.

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Which is the best Sequential prophet?

Sequential Prophet-5 is the best possible remake of a legendary synth; here’s why. In a sometimes ugly world, there is this beautiful synthesizer. Not just a simple remake, Sequential’s Prophet-5 lets you literally dial in the vintage spirit. The best-loved instrument from Dave Smith is back.2020-10-01

Is Prophet Rev2 analog or digital?


How many oscillators does the Prophet-6 have?


What is Prophet Rev2?

Sequential equipped the Prophet Rev2 with a powerful polyphonic step sequencer that accommodates up to 64 steps with 6 notes per step. A compelling tool for performance or composition, the poly step sequencer lets you craft a unique sequence for each layer in split-voice or stacked mode.

What was the first song to use synthesizer?

The earliest example I found was Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again”, released 1939. The track features the Novachord, an early polyphonic synth manufactured only for a few years by Hammond.2019-10-06

Who used synthesizer first?

Micky Dolenz of The Monkees bought one of the first Moog synthesizers and the band was the first to feature it on an album with Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. in 1967, which reached number 1 on the US charts.

How many voices does Prophet-5 have?

five voices

Is Prophet-6 multi timbral?

There’s no desktop version and its multi-timbrality is just 2. Prophet-6 desktop: Sound amazing, great interface.2018-10-02

Is Prophet Rev2 analogue?

Other road-worthy features include an integrated power supply, USB support, and a crisp OLED display, making the Prophet Rev2 an ideal instrument for gigging or recording, and an analog powerhouse like no other.

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