Where is connect in the Uber app?

Where is connect in the Uber app?

Enter the package destination in the “Where to?” section of your Uber app and ensure the pickup location is correct. You won’t be able to change the pickup or dropoff address after requesting the delivery. Scroll through the vehicle options and select “Connect.”

Why am I not getting a verification code sent to me?

The message may have been blocked by the carrier or email service provider. You may have reported this type of notification messages or emails as junk information. SMS: Contact your carrier to stop such a type of information from being blocked. Email: Search for the verification email in the spam mailbox.

How do I get my Uber backup code?

To do this, go into “Settings”, tap on “Security,” then “2-step verification,” and select “View” inside the Backup Codes box. Enter your password when prompted. Tap on “Get new backup codes,” and then “Get new codes,” which will give you eight new backup codes.2019-03-12

How do I find my Uber security code?

Uber will send a verification code in a text message to the phone number used to set up 2-step verification.

Why does Uber not let me sign in?

If you’re having trouble logging into your Uber account, first try resetting your password. Use the link below to receive a text message or email with instructions on resetting your password. The link expires after a few minutes. If you wait too long, you may need to request again.

What is 8 digit backup code in Uber?

Backup codes can be used to sign in to your account if you aren’t getting verification codes. We encourage you to save and store your backup codes in a safe place after setting up 2-step verification. If you lose your phone and need to access your account, these codes will help you sign in to your Uber account.

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How do I opt in Uber SMS?

Please text “START” to 8858 5516 to opt back in before continuing” SMS just hangs & won’t deliver Help!? . Please send us a direct message with more details about your concern and the phone number associated with your account so we can further assist.

How do I restore my Uber account?

I can’t log into my Uber account You can reset your password online and via the app by selecting “Forgot Password? “. Then, just enter your email address and an email with a reset link will be sent to you immediately. Once changed, you should be able to login again.2019-07-15

How do I get my Uber verification code?

When you create an account or change your phone number, we’ll ask you to confirm your phone number. You’ll receive a text message with a mobile verification code. Type the code into your app when prompted.

Why am I not getting my Uber code?

Your mobile carrier may be blocking the short code SMS that Uber uses to contact you. Please contact your mobile provider to confirm that short code SMS is enabled for your mobile account. Please make you don’t block SMS from foreign number.

How do I recover my Uber password?

If you’ve forgotten your Uber account password, that’s not a problem. You can reset your password online and via the app by selecting “Forgot Password? “. Then, just enter your email address and an email with a reset link will be sent to you immediately.2019-07-15

Why am I not getting code on my number?

You may have a poor network connection. The verification message sent by the server may be delayed due to factors such as poor network signal reception or unavailability of the carrier’s network. Please wait for a while, or obtain the verification code again after the penalty time elapses.

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Why did Uber blocked my account?

Offenses that can result in account deactivation include carrying out-of-date vehicle information, disobeying traffic laws, misusing the app through account sharing, and using the app while under the age of 18.2019-09-03

How do I switch between Uber and Uber Eats?

How do I switch between receiving ride and delivery requests in the Driver app? You can receive both ride and delivery requests using the same app. From the Trip Planner screen, tap on the settings icon on the bottom right of the screen, and turn on Deliveries.

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