Is BTS Meal still available in Korea?

Is BTS Meal still available in Korea?

It debuted in the United States and other countries on May 26 and in South Korea on May 27. However, the fast food giant did not release the meal in China and Japan, the two biggest hamburger markets in Asia, drawing attention to its background. The BTS meal will be sold until June 30.2021-05-31

Is BTS McDonald’s meal available in Singapore?

The highly anticipated BTS Meal from McDonald’s finally hit Singapore’s shores on Monday (Jun 21) at 11am, available only through delivery services McDelivery, GrabFood and foodpanda.2021-06-21

Can I still get the BTS Meal?

The promotion was discontinued on .

Is the BTS Meal still available in India?

The meal, however, will be available on McDonald’s menu for a limited period — from June 1-June 30 in North and East India and from June 4-July 4 in South and West India.2021-06-01

Is BTS Meal still available in Philippines today?

To be released via a “one-of-a-kind menu tour”, The BTS Meal will only be available in the Philippines starting .2021-06-20

Is the BTS Meal in Singapore still available?

McDonald’s Singapore told CNA Lifestyle via email on Monday that the meals were not sold out. “We’d like to assure our customers and BTS fans that The BTS Meal is still available for order via delivery.”2021-06-21

Can I order BTS Meal online in India?

You can order the BTS Meal in New Delhi through McDonald’s app, in-store, or via McDelivery using third-party food delivery apps.2021-06-01

How much is the BTS Meal in Korea?

McDonald’s said the sauces are inspired by popular recipes from its restaurants in South Korea, where the “Dynamite” crooners are from. The price of the meal is $6.13. McDonald’s is also dropping a limited-edition line of merchandise on Wednesday.2021-05-26

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Where can I get BTS meals in India?

Fans were eagerly waiting for getting their hands on the BTS meal and can now do so by ordering through the McDonalds app or any other third party food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato.2021-06-10

How much does BTS Meal cost?

BTS Meal price in India The BTS McDonalds meal is priced at Rs 300 in India. The price includes- 10 or 9-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium World Famous Fries, a medium drink, and two dipping sauces namelySweet Chili and Cajun.2021-06-04

Where we can get BTS Meal in India?

The customers can order the BTS Meal through McDonald’s app, in-store, at the drive-through, or via McDelivery (wherever allowed by the local authorities).2021-06-01

Is BTS Meal still available?

Originally released during May 2021, the BTS Meal will be available at McDonald’s in the United States through June 20, according to USA Today.2021-06-12

How do I get BTS Meal in Singapore?

Ordering the BTS meal Placing an order for the meal can be done via three apps: McDelivery, GrabFood, or Foodpanda. On the McDelivery app, you’ll be immediately directed to a virtual queue.2021-06-21

Does MCDO have BTS Meal?

Product description. The BTS Meal consists of a 10- or 9-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium French fries, a medium Coke, and Sweet Chili and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by “popular McDonald’s South Korea recipes”.

Is the BTS Meal available all over India?

Yes, from today, the highly-anticipated BTS McDonald’s meal has become available in India across all chains in New Delhi. While fans can now enjoy the BTS Meal in Delhi, Mumbai ARMYs would have to wait a little more. The BTS meal would be available in Mumbai from June 4.2021-06-01

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How can I order BTS Meal?

The “BTS Meal” is available on the McDonald’s app, and McDonald’s is also available to order on Postmates here. BTS will follow on the heels of the Travis Scott promo that caused a temporary shortage of Quarter Pounders when it launched in September and a J Balvin “Vibras”-themed deal in October.2021-05-26

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