Who is Dee TikTok?

Who is Dee TikTok?

Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, also known as Dee, was a TikTok star with 1.4million followers. The teenager, from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, also had a YouTube page where she would vlog her life and attempt viral challenges. The 18-year-old had amassed nearly 100,000 Instagram followers.2021-02-10

Who is Dazhariaa Shaffer father?

Dazhariaa Quint is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Dazhariaa Quint’s parents, Raheem Alla (Father) and Jennifer Shaffer (mother) are separated but they share the responsibility of taking care of their daughter.2021-05-29

How did Dee from TikTok die?


When did Dazharia passed away?

On Feb. 8, rising TikTok star Dazharia Shaffer died at age 18. Her father, Raheem Alla, suggested that she committed suicide in a GoFundMe post.2021-02-11

Which TikTok star died in 2020?

Sharkey had amassed 87,000 followers on Instagram and had 84,000 followers and 1.3 million likes on TikTok. Tragically, Sharkey’s body was found amongst brush on the side of the road in Houston, Texas, on , and her murder — ruled as death by strangulation — has remained unsolved, as noted by ABC13.2021-09-28

What happened to TikTok star Dee?

In tragic news, TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, popularly known as Dee, died by suicide on Monday. She was 18. In tragic news, TikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, popularly known as Dee, died by suicide on Monday. She was 18.2021-02-11

What was Dazharia Shaffer last post?

She uploaded her last TikTok post, a dance video, on Monday. Shaffer’s father, Raheem Alla, confirmed her death on his TikTok page Wednesday. “I just want to thank everyone for their love and support of my daughter. Unfortunately she is no longer with us and has gone to a better place,” he wrote.2021-02-13

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How did Bruce Lee died How old?

32 metai1940 m.–1973 m.

When did Dee die the TikTok?

DAZHARIAA, known as bxbygirldee on TikTok, was confirmed to have passed away on February 9.2021-02-10

What happen to Bxbygirlldee?

TikTok star Dazharia Shaffer, known online as Bxbygirlldee, has tragically died by suicide at just 18. Dazharia’s father, Raheem Alla, shared the devastating news on TikTok: “I just want to thank everyone for their love and support of my daughter.2021-02-11

What happened to Lee from Lee and Max?

Lee reportedly died by suicide and was hit and killed by an Amtrak train near Santa Barbara. The news of her passing was revealed by Max, who is still reeling from the “soul-crushing loss”, on her Instagram page @lifewithlee on March 30.2021-04-01

Where is Dazhariaa Shaffer from?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

When did Lee and Max break up?

Lee and Australian partner Max Bidstrup documented on Instagram and YouTube their Dodge Sprinter van trips through Canada and South America with their dog, Occy. The globe-trotting couple announced their breakup in January 2020. Occy went to live in Australia with Max, who continued traveling.2021-04-01

Did Swavy from TikTok pass away?

Swavy, born Matima Miller, died of his injuries on July 5 following a shooting in Wilmington, Delaware, according to police.2021-07-12

What TikTok star was killed today?

TikTok star Gabriel Salazar died in a car crash along with three other men following a police chase in Zavala County, Texas. Known as @gabenotbabe on TikTok and Instagram, the teen had more than three million followers between the two social media platforms. He was 19 years old.2021-10-01

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How did Bxbygirlldee died?

The TikTok favorite, who was known as Bxbygirlldee online, had more than 1.4 million followers on the video-sharing social media platform. TikTok favorite Dazharia Shaffer took her own life Monday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.2021-02-11

What happened to Lee MacMillan?

Friends and family of Barrie native and popular van-life social media influencer Lee MacMillan are devastated after police confirmed she took her own life late last week. According to the Santa Barbara Police Department, MacMillan was hit and killed by a train on Friday, March 26.2021-04-06

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