How do you reconnect a friendship lamp?

How do you reconnect a friendship lamp?

Make sure the lamp is in the dim red state (touch the top sensor for 2-3 minutes) and then select the lamp device on Android or enter the MAC ID (from the sticker on the base of the lamp) if you’re using an IOS device. Press connect. Select your WiFi network, enter your password and press SAVE.

Do long distance friendship lamps actually work?

Long-distance touch lamps are the perfect way to let your loved ones know you are thinking about them even if you are too busy to call. They work over Wi-Fi and can be used from any distance across the world. They are a great way to show someone you care regardless of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.2019-07-24

How do you reset a Friendship Lamp?

To go back to the setup mode, you will need to hold down on the touch pad for about 2-3 minutes. It will cycle through the colors multiple times and finally settle on a dim red. Alternatively, you can turn off your router, unplug your lamp and then plug it back in. It should go blue and then dim red.

How do friendship lamps connect?

The way they connect to each other is through a unique identification number, which creates a closed-loop connection for greater security. There’s practically no limit to how many lamps can be linked to a group, so even if you have dozens of relatives spread out over the globe, friendship lamps make ideal gifts.2020-04-29

Why did my Friendship Lamp turn off?

Your Friendship Lamp may be frequently losing connection to Wi-Fi and going offline. Normally when your Friendship Lamp loses connection, it will automatically try to reconnect on its own. However, if your lamp is frequently disconnecting, it may have trouble getting back online due to poor Wi-Fi signal strength.2020-09-10

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Does the friendship lamp always have to be plugged in?

The lamps don’t come with batteries, so you need to be always connected to USB power.

How long does the Friendship Lamp stay lit?

It won’t reset the timer. You are correct that the minimum time that friendship lamps light up is 30 minutes, however they can also be set up to stay lit for 1 1/2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours.

How do I know if my Friendship Lamp is working?

Once there are at least two such lamps connected to the same Group ID, you can start using them. Since the lamp is already on, the light will again change to blue, indicating that it is connecting to the Wi-Fi. If it turns purple, it means an update is being downloaded and installed.2020-04-29

Why is my Friendship Lamp stuck on green?

If your Friendship Lamp is pulsing green, that means it’s searching for Wi-Fi. It should always pulse green right after you plug it in. It’ll keep looking for Wi-Fi until it connects.2021-06-11

Do friendship lamps need to be on the same Wi-Fi?

No, you don’t. Our lamps all connect via USB, so all you need is a unique power adapter with a USB port and you’ll be set with these lamps.

Do friendship lamps turn off automatically?

Over this time they slowly grow dimmer until automatically turning off. The pulsing lets you know the lamps were touched recently. However, with our LuvLInk App – you can manage time zones, set a sleep timer, manage dimming times, color and brightness.

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How do friendship touch lamps work?

A friendship lamp is a small table lamp that is connected to another (or several others) of its kind via the Internet, allowing back and forth communication between units. The lamps are set up in a way that if one of the lamps is touched, the others light up in a particular preselected color.2020-04-29

How do you hook up long distance friendship lights?

Friendship Lamps work all over the world. Connect them across the room or across the planet. All you need for set up of the lamps is a home Wi-Fi network. Filimin Friendship Lamps come with US plugs but will work with a plug adapter — no voltage converter needed!

Why is my friendship lamp not working?

If your lamp is not connecting, check the following settings: Ensure that the lamp is plugged in and turned on. Check to see that you have successfully created an account in the FriendSync Lamp app. Double-check that your smart device with the installed app is connected to a wireless network of 2.4 GHz.

What is the touch button on a Friendship Lamp?

The friendship lamp has quite a few functions and they are all controlled with just one sensitive, silver touch button! The LuvLink App allows you to manage your lamp, connect friends and provides additional features, however, keeping in touch is as simple as touching your lamp.

Why does my friendship lamp turn off?

Sleep Time If your lamp is already lit, your lamp will not suddenly turn off when your sleep interval starts. However, if you touch it during the sleep interval, it will shut off. You can read more about sleep time here.2020-08-24

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How do I change the color on my friendship lamp?

Change color We have many colors to choose from with our Friendship lamp, when you hold your finger on the touch button, the color options will start to cycle through. Just hold down until you see the color you want. The lamp will stay on for another 5 seconds and then turn off.2022-01-10

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