Who has Orcrist before Thorin?

Who has Orcrist before Thorin?

In the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Orcrist is taken by Legolas when he and a group of Elves capture Thorin’s company, and it is subsequently shown being wielded by Legolas when he fights Bolg and other Orcs in defense of Lake-town.

Why does the elvenking imprison the dwarves?

The dwarves were imprisoned in the Elvenking’s palace in separate cells because they were trespassing the elves’ feasts. Bilbo wasn’t imprisoned because he put on his ring.

Who imprisoned Thorin and took Orcrist?

Thorin used Orcrist throughout the rest of the Quest of Erebor to slay goblins in the Goblin caves after the killing of the Great Goblin, but he lost it when he was captured by the Wood-elves of Mirkwood. Orcrist was confiscated and was not returned to him until after the Battle of Five Armies.

Why did Legolas save Thorin?

The very short answer is that it boils down to two factors; that the elves hate the orcs far more than they hate the dwarves (and by this point, have abandoned their enmity to team up against the greater threat, the orcs) and that they needed to somehow get the Orcrist sword back to Thorin so he could have it in later 2016-05-16

What weapon does Legolas use?

Weapons. Legolas famously used an Elven bow, as well as a long, white knife. He would prefer to pierce his enemies from afar, but his dagger was sometimes used for close combat. In Lothlórien, he was given a long-bow of the Galadhrim, which was longer and stouter than those of the fashion of Mirkwood.

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Is Orcrist a falchion?

Whatever made you think Orcrist was a Greatsword? Neither is it a Falchion or Scimitar as it’s nowhere near curved enough in that pic! Most likely it’s a single-edged B-Sword made by Elves. concept designer Paul Tobin explains: “In terms of a classification of weapon, it’s probably closest to a falchion.2014-12-20

Did Orcrist glow?

At first glance, Gandalf identified the sword as a “good blade.” Like Glamdring and Sting, Orcrist glowed whenever Orcs were near.

Who imprisoned Thorin in The Hobbit?

During their journey through Mirkwood, Thorin and his Company encountered spiders and were later imprisoned by the Elvenking Thranduil.

Did Legolas take thorins sword?

2012-14: The Hobbit (film series): Later, when Thorin and Company are captured by the Wood-elves, Legolas personally confiscates the sword, believing that Thorin Oakenshield had stolen it from his kinfolk.2022-01-06

Do all Elvish blades glow blue?

When Bilbo receives Sting, Gandalf says “The blade is of Elvish make, meaning it will glow blue when Orcs or Goblins are nearby,” yet Gandalf and Thorin’s blades never glow blue. While this helps keep things consistent throughout the Lord of the Rings saga, it doesn’t provide a satisfying explanation.2021-12-11

What kind of knives does Legolas use?

Product Description. These officially licensed reproductions from The Lord of the Rings trilogy are the fighting knives wielded by Legolas Greenleaf. These fully sharpened knives offer 15 3/4-Inch stainless steel blades with gold tone color and full-tang construction.

Why does Thorin save Legolas?

“Choosing Trust over Doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I’d rather be singed than hardened.” I think Thorin saved Legolas because fundamentally the dwarves are brave and decent folk and despite the differences between elves and dwarves, the orcs are the common enemy of all.2014-05-04

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What is thorins sword called?


Who captured the dwarves in The Hobbit?

the Elvenking

Who wielded Orcrist before Thorin?

As a mighty sword from Gondolin, it is widely speculated that King Turgon or one of the Lords of the Gondolindrim was the wielder of Orcrist.

Why does Legolas leave his father?

He Left Mirkwood After losing Tauriel and falling out with his father, Legolas decided he needed to leave Mirkwood for a time. His fairly sheltered life would now be exposed to the various peoples and races of Middle-earth.2022-03-21

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